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Until the 13th century of the Christian era, the only way to live a (monastic) life dedicated to serving God was to enter into a monastery run according to the Benedictine doctrine (with all its reformatory variations). Daily life revolved around three pillars: the daily reading of scripture, manual labour and spiritual study, and liturgical worship.

Franziskus von Assisi

After many years of searching, however, Francis of Assisi discovered a new way of life which he and his first followers finally succeeded in having recognised by the Papacy in AD 1209. His vision was simple: a life devoted to living and sharing the Holy Gospel with the people, offering witness to the infinite love of God, the Creator of all things and Giver of all good gifts.

While Benedictine life was mainly led in seclusion in the monastery with stability of the community (stabilitas loci) as its priority, Francis placed the emphasis on encountering ordinary people and promoting a life based on human relationships. This created a dynamic of reaching out to the world and participating in the everyday life of ordinary people.

The story of Francis of Assisi is built upon a succession of encounters and relationships. Following this example, Franciscans all over the world campaign for a just world living in fellowship.