"You won't find better help for the poor..." - Franciscan Centro for Development and Mission

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"You won't find better help for the poor..."

…wrote a friend of the Missionszentrale, who had the opportunity to get to know a Franciscan Father on a visit to Brazil.

He had accompanied him, “more crawling than walking, through a pitch dark labyrinth of cellars in São Paulo, and recounts that he could not have imagined people living in such a place, underneath the buildings, dozens of children starved of daylight. To him, the establishment of crèches and nurseries that care for the children as their mothers work was “one of the great Franciscan visions in São Paulo. We take pride in being the best there is for those in need. And that's because Franciscans – whether in Latin America, Asia or Africa – live among the poorest populations in the world, striving to help them.