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How we make a difference

Our local presence, together with the relief we provide, is crucial; however, unless we continually work to improve the social and political framework conditions in each location, we can do no more than treat the symptoms.

Justice and peace can only be achieved if those people not directly affected by need, poverty or hunger seek to change and adapt their way of life in the long term. Our goal of living together in a world where no one is placed at a disadvantage can only be achieved in a spirit of fraternity, solidarity and fairness; this is why we campaign in Germany and Europe and on location across the globe for the needs of the poor. We seek to make an active difference.

For this reason, the Missonszentrale der Franziskaner remains in contact with politicians, attempting to exert an influence on governmental and parliamentary forces. For example, we provide information on the work of Franciscans throughout Germany and worldwide to members and employees of the German parliament, as well as to representatives of ministries, associations and other bodies. Furthermore, we keep a close eye on political developments taking place in the fields of financial cooperation and development, human rights and foreign policy.

In the area of human rights enforcement, we support initiatives all over the world. For example, we take part in campaigns which demand greater information on the fates of those who disappeared during Latin American military dictatorships, and lobby for the lifting of amnesties afforded to members of former juntas.

In addition to the concrete measures it carries out on location in developing countries, the Missonszentrale also views educational initiatives as one of its key duties. We are committed to raising awareness and achieving a fairer and more peaceful world – and the various seminars and international conventions we stage are integral to this commitment.

The triple concept of providing concrete aid, raising awareness and advocating for the poor perfectly sums up the Franciscan-Christian world view: the overriding principle 'option for the poor' is about providing people with concrete aid, taking a political stance on their behalf and actively promoting global change.