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Data protection statement

We at the Missionszentrale der Franziskaner (MZF), based in Bonn, take the protection of your personal data very seriously, and are committed to the strict observation of the provisions set out by all laws on data protection. Personal data is only collected on this website as far as is technically necessary, and under no circumstances is any collected data sold or for any other reason disclosed to third parties.

The following statement briefly explains how we guarantee the protection of your data, what forms of data we collect, and for what purpose it is collected.

Data processing on this website

MZF automatically collects and stores in its server log files data transmitted to us by your browser: This is:

  • Browser type/version
  • System software used
  • Referrer URL (previous site visited)
  • Host name of your computer (IP address)
  • Time of server request.

MZF is unable to trace this data back to particular individuals. Data is never used in conjunction with other data sources, and is deleted after undergoing statistical analysis.


Our internet pages regularly use what are known as 'cookies', which help to make our content more user-friendly, effective and secure. Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer, and saved by your browser. We most commonly use a form of cookie known as a 'session cookie', which is automatically deleted after you have visited the site. Cookies pose no danger to your computer, and contain no viruses.

Contact form

If you wish to make an enquiry using the contact form on our website, we require a valid e-mail address to which we can direct our reply. This form allows you to contact us directly via e-mail without the need for additional e-mail software. Your message is then processed by us in the same manner as all other e-mail correspondence.

Further information

Your trust is vital to us. That's why we are always available to discuss any queries you may have about how your personal data is processed by us. If you have any questions which this data protection statement does not address, or you require more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact MZF.