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A drop of happiness

“Karibu, karibuni!” little Nala smiles in welcome, reaching out with a jug of water and inviting us to wash our hands at the entrance to the girls’ boarding school. The murky water trickles over the palms of our hands. “Asante sana – thank you very much!”
We say thank you as here in the north of Tanzania water is a very rare commodity and wherever you look dried up plantations and under-developed stems of maize bear testimony to the oppressive drought.

Half of the population has no way of safely accessing water, like Nala and the other 300 girls at her school, who have to go and collect water every day. With yellow plastic jerry cans on their heads they collect water from a nearby waterhole. There they enjoy playing in the water and feeling the precious liquid on their skin before they set off with their full jerry cans on the long journey back to the boarding school.

Twice a year the rainy season comes, when it usually rains for weeks at a time. Anyone with a large tank can then collect water and use it for watering plants, preventing the maize and banana plants from drying up, an important contribution to the girls’ staple diet.

Sister Aquilina has approached us with a request for aid in order to allow her to build a tank of this nature for the girls’ school.

The tank would spare Nala and the other girls in the school the long daily trek to the waterhole, providing them with safe access to the clear drop of happiness. Together we can help.