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A place for children

““It is difficult to make my way in a world which obviously doesn’t have any place for me. I am just wandering aimlessly, lost.” This is a basic feeling and reality for many families, children and young people living in the outskirts of Garça. I see every day just how important it is for even the youngest to have a place which offers them protection, safety and security.

A place with people who support, respect and help each other. In the training centre we care for and teach 150 girls and boys between the ages of two and twelve, every day. They stay here after school as well, as they love the activities on offer in the centre.

The only alternative they have would be the cold, life-threatening streets. By interacting with each other they learn to treat each other well and with respect. For us, the focus is on interpersonal relations, together with social, cultural and economic education.

Again and again our interaction with the children and young people shows us how important it is to offer them a safe place, time and people they can rely on. The problems of poverty don’t disappear straightaway, but they become more bearable and the opportunity to make a difference becomes more attainable.

We are asking for aid for 150 children, to let us purchase food, toiletries, books and exercise books for them.

For the little ones in our nursery we would like to purchase material to sew curtains, pillow cases and sheets. Please help,” writes Sister Maria Zélia.