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Chifundo – Charity

Solomon is twelve, likeable and fearless. His bravery was his undoing. Because his brothers and sisters were hungry, he stole a little sack of corn from a shopkeeper. Caught by the police, he ended up in a prison for young offenders in Bwumbwe in Malawi and was sentenced without much ado to five years in prison. He has been in prison for two years. He has been suffering from Aids for one year.

The conditions in the prison are desperate: 220 youths, held captive in cramped conditions. The times for emptying their bowels are strictly regulated. Washing facilities are virtually non-existent.

They can be tied to their beds at the whim of the jail-keepers. They are given maize porridge just once a day. The contrasts are shocking. Malawi lies in the heart of Africa. Not in view of its geographical position, but rather thanks to the friendliness and cheerfulness of the people. Sister Anna is no longer one of the youngest, but she is not afraid to actively help ill prisoners in nine prisoners in the south of Malawi. Together with two colleagues she looks after 850 sick prisoners, including Solomon.

Especially those suffering from Aids need to eat healthily in order for the retroviral medicine to work. She has asked us for 10,000 euros in aid for additional food and toiletries for a total of 850 children, teenagers, women and men kept in prison. Each packet contains 500g sugar, 2 eggs, 4 dried fish, tomatoes or fruit, one bar of soap, 500g soya.

Chifundo means charity, Chilungamo justice – we would like to help.