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We are baking bricks

Greed is surfacing once more thanks to the discovery of enormous quantities of oil. The economic recovery is warped. The situation in rural areas is shocking: no education, no clean drinking water, no sewage system, no electricity and no agriculture, as there are still mines left in the ground. One day’s drive to the East of Luanda: “We’ve baked bricks for the walls of our new school!” Beaming with joy, Madalena appears in front of Pater Alisson, together with her brother. Each of them is carrying two bricks.

It is amazing how keen children, young adults and their parents are to help with building a new school building in Saca. Two classrooms, a small staff room and a toilet block are to be built in order to let 279 children go to primary school and 109 adults and young adults learn to write and do maths. In shifts: children and young people during the day, adults in the evening.

“We cannot manage on our own” writes Pater Alosson. We can help with €6,400 for material costs, an electricity generator, bricks and simple furniture.