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Pale and far too thin

She doesn’t know where she wants to have her baby. Barely audibly she whispers: “I hope I lose it”. Sister Bertha is meeting Liliana for the third time today, and for the third time she tries to win her trust. Sister Bertha and the other nuns visit the areas where prostitution is rife in Medellín, approaching young girls and women and offering them their help. In the vocational centre the women and girls not only receive social assistance, but can also train as seamstresses, hairdressers, beauticians or in handicrafts. Many of them are under nourished, and here they can receive a nutritious meal each day. Once they have finished their training the Sisters help them find a job. Each year the nuns help 40 women aged between 17 and 50, most of them with children. Here they can find a new way of life and a dignified future.

Sister Bertha has asked us for 9,600 euros in aid for food, work clothes, sewing machines and material for providing vocational training, for Liliana and her baby as well.

We would like to help.