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empowering women

At the same time they have to cope with running the household and bringing up the children. Their life is dominated by patriarchal thinking, in which a woman should eat after the man and may not sit whilst he is standing. She must get up before him in the morning, is punished for any misdemeanor and may not stand up for herself. Tackling the problem at its root is not easy, but not any the less relevant for that.

Franciscan nuns have been committed to supporting Indian women for several years. They work particularly in the areas of education and training, social work, health and working to help children and women.

The women are given access to education as well as input on reproductive health and human rights. Thanks to the financial support offered by microcredits – small credits of up to 114 euros – needy women can purchase goats and cows and start to earn a living by selling the milk. The profit is then used to support other women. Sister Pannee has asked us for 5,500 euros in aid, in order for her to be able to give small credits to 30 needy women and to pay for a trained accountant.

An accountant will set up the organizational framework which the nuns cannot cope with on their own.